Sean Mattica of Beans on Toast Marketing


Beans on Toast Marketing  have a passion to grow your business. They look at what you currently do and provide a solution that is tailored to your business needs. They help you with sales and marketing processes. Their customers are any companies that are looking to grow or build more brand recognition.  They have been running for three and a half years. Their team consists of Sean and Margaret in Chichester and they have a few other members of the team that work remotely. 


"At Beans on Toast we care about what you need. We focus on giving you the best results by helping you identify target markets and methods that compliment them. We give you what you want without having to think about it while having it in an experts hand," explains Sean.


"We have chosen to work in a co-working space because we believe business is about people communicating and feel the fact that we have a community around us spurs us on to grow too. Freedom Works provides that community and has a very welcoming attitude.The community spirit. Surprisingly nobody here is selfish, we seem to have  the right businesses in the building."


"One of our proudest moments was feeding the homeless at stone pillow two years ago beans on toast.." 


"Our aspiration is that in two to five years time We will be based in chichester and we want to be a real player in the marketing agency sector. We want to help as many businesses as possible. Our inspiration is legacy over currency. I want our business to make a difference not just revenue.=, says Sean"

"My family and partner motivate me. Holding my niece for the first time unleashed a hunger in me I never had. I was always determined and hungry but it showed me another why to succeed." 


"My business hero is Gary Vaynerchuck. He is somebody who doesn’t hold back and is all about legacy first." 


"I spend my spare time working on myself like gym, reading and goal setting. What I do to unwind is to spend time with my friends and family. I try to relax by avoiding business and focusing on a work life balance." 


"What I like best about Freedom Works is the way we have been catered for so far. Their customer service is spot on and I want to thank Yaz for being a dream host to us."