Merry Christmas from us at Freedom Works Hove! 


Our very special Christmas Member of the Month is Retain :) The team officially launched in July 2019 and have been in our co-working space since the end of September!


I'll let the team tell you the rest... 


"We’re a web development company focusing on helping our clients to find innovative and creative ways to attract and retain customers, increasing their connection with their brand. Our clients range across a number of sectors including Health and Beauty, Telecommunication, Toys and Games and more... 

We love to work in collaboration with our clients; not just churning out websites and leaving them but create an environment where we help the sites to grow and develop, with a strong focus on customer retention. We love to engage real users in our testing phases, people who would and do have an interest in the brand we’re working with.  

Having spoken to a number of different companies, we saw there was a need for a digital agency, focussed mainly on eCommerce, that focussed on the customer. 


Why have we chosen a co-working community?

Having looked at a number of different office options and locations, a co-working community seemed like a good fit. We get to meet, learn about and work with other businesses in the community and as a small team, being part of a bigger community is great as there is always something going on and people to talk to. We love the community at Freedom Works; Friday beers is also a highlight for us, it’s great to catch up with other members at the end of the week!"


Thanks team Retain!


However - at Freedom Works, we love a good 101 question so when asked what would be either Dave, Max, Mike, or Lou's item of choice be, these were the answers.... 

"Bounty bars, Tottenham Hotspur, t-shirts and Ed Sheeran."


We'll let you decide who said what ;) 


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