Welcome back to another Freedom Works blog, we wish you all another happy, healthy  and productive business week and if you need any top tips on how to keep your wellbeing under control do not forget to refer back to last week’s blog 

But this week we are talking about all things awards and asking ourselves are they truly worth it? Just last week, our team were thrilled to discover that we have been shortlisted for not one but two Gatwick Diamond Business Awards 2020. The first is the ‘Growth Business of the Year’ in which the winners will have demonstrated a record of exceptional growth and ambition, backed by a plan for further sustained growth in future.

The second is for ‘The Award for Brighter Thinking’ in which the winners will have stood out through the strength of the story they have to tell about how they have completed a successful project, process or initiative that challenged the way they previously did things, to deliver outstanding results for the company and its customers.

Our fingers are firmly crossed and regardless of the outcome we are honoured to be recognised for our growth and brighter thinking into the wider communities.

But is all the entry, nomination and awarding process all worth it?

Here is what our Managing Director, Jon Trigg, had to say: “I think that it is really important to be recognised not only for our members, but for the hard work our team put into place.
“Having won the Start Up of the Business of the Year Award in the Adur & Worthing Business Awards in our first year it really galvanised what we were doing was right and motivated our team to continue working hard for our ever growing co-working spaces.”

According to the UK SME Data, Stats & Charts, There were 5.9 million private businesses in the UK at the start of 2019 and more than 99% of  which are small or medium-sized businesses. If you compare this to the amount of awards in which businesses can enter in the UK you can start to see why awards play such a key role in the business world and here are a few other reasons why:

  • Recognition: Recognition plays a key and ongoing role throughout an awards process. Whether you are receiving recognition from the wide community for being nominated or your manager reaches out in congratulations, this is a clear motivating factor for any business person regardless of their job sector/position. Recognition continues into the process of being shortlisted as it highlights your business from what you may have considered as competition.

  • Increase revenue: Inevitably people buy from people and there is no better review a business can have than a profile of awards in which have been gathered throughout it’s growth. To be acknowledged by the judges of an award is one thing but for potential customers to then see this acknowledgement in key to opening new doors both with potential clients, retainable clients and fellow competition.

  • Differentiation- Ever heard that saying ‘stand out from the crowd’ awards allow individuals to educate themselves on your business and line of work. Judges will inevitably pick out entries which have unique aspects and bring something new to the business world and essential with any day to day marketing. It is so important to stand out in an increasingly difficult and changing market, awards have the power to differentiate you from fellow competitors.

There are so many other ways in which awards could play a part in any companies success and next time you visit a business’s work page, social media or physical premises be sure to spot the awards they have been either shortlisted for or even won!

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