This uncertain time has and will remain undoubtedly tough for people of all walks of life whether you have been affected by Covid-19 financially, mentally, physically or another way. The one thing that remains critical is that as a wider community we do our absolute best to keep calm and carry on.

Harder than it sounds right? Admittedly this pandemic is not going away anytime soon but what we can do is adapt and plan when we receive each government update.

Only a couple of weeks ago Michael Gove encouraged the nation to once again work from home to help "if possible”, which was a major U-turn from the Government's back-to-work drive.    For many people working alongside colleagues and other workers was one part of normality which was finally in their control and enabled the productive working weeks.

Since the last announcement about working from home if you can co-working spaces throughout the country have not witnessed the dip experienced at the end of March.  So, why is that?.......

What makes a co-working space so important in a time like this you may ask?

Here are just a few reasons as to why a co-working space could support YOU through these unprecedented times:

Community is Key to Recovery- Undoubtedly the most important point of them all. We saw community spirit at it’s best at the beginning of this pandemic with clapping for carers and the NHS, fundraisers and people reaching out to loved ones using social media but now this has fallen into the background. How can we restore this along with our economy? The business community! A combination of like minded people from all different walks of life, industry sectors and experience can make a difference on such a wider scale. A co-working space allows for collaboration and drive.

Social Interaction - (Albeit on a covid-safe level) Coworking spaces up and down the country like ours have implemented the correct guidance, safety measures and tools to allow socialising at a safe distance. This pandemic has led to a feeling of loneliness and uncertainty for such a large percentage of our nation and reports from  have proven that ‘interacting with others boosts feelings of well-being and decreases feelings of depression’. Research has shown that one sure way of improving your mood is to work on building social connections.

Resource for Small Businesses
- Both small and scale up businesses have always been at the core of co-working spaces as afterall, the concept itself is relatively new to the world. The collaboration of different and the same industries can be critical to not only overall
business development but personal career progression.  This is especially prevalent when trading out of a pandemic driven recession.

Spotting Opportunities
- Being based in a coworking space has and will continue to be one of the greatest ways of networking that there has ever been.  You are by default meeting new businesses all the time.  New members, guests, hot deskers - and you never know where that conversation will lead to.  Meeting like minded individuals and getting your name/brand out there is key in a time of so much uncertainty.

These are a few reasons as to why a coworking spaces are continuing to prove popular rebuilding and sanity hubs, which improve your business life throughout this unique time we are in.

So, if you’ve never tried co-working.  What are you waiting for?

Book your Covid Safe Free Hot-Desk try out session today at [email protected].

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