Be inspired to research and investigate new global markets by our very knowledgeable panelists, including........

  • Estelle Dingley - International Trade Adviser, Department for International Trade, a highly experienced Growth Mentor who will help you to investigate whether your business has export potential, is ready to export and to help you to access support, information and resources to help you realise your aspirations whether you are providing a product or a service.  [email protected]
  • Ben Collier - Co-founder of Ocasta Ltd, a mobile app development agency who are 'on a mission to transform how people work' by providing employee and knowledge focussed apps.  [email protected], who is currently exploring exporting opportunities for his business.
  • Jeremy Taylor - The Company Connector, who is well versed in supporting and promoting business' international trade ambitions.  Jeremy has been organising virtual trade missions (during the COVID crisis) to enable people to locate people who you want to do business with and explore the best market places for your business. Contact: 07831 148064
    [email protected]
By listening to this webinar recording you will understand how exporting can help you to:

  • expand your marketplace by reaching more customers
  • explore areas of the world where there is less competition for your product or service
  • explore places where your target audience may be more receptive
  • improve your cashflow
  • stay ahead of your competitors
  • improve your profits
  • become more sustainable

We also explore, through our conversation the importance of researching the cultural preferences of different countries and areas.  Estelle, for example, explains how it has taken her many years of living in the UK to feel comfortable with addressing people by their first names as, in France, business negotiations and conversations are much more formal. Many companies have also been tripped up by the name of their product which may have a completely, and very unhelpful, meaning in an alternative language.Jeremy explains how targeting a specific area can be a really effective way of exploring exporting potential. Instead of considering the entire continent of North America, that it may be beneficial to explore a particular area such as Austin in Texas where Apple assembles the Mac Pro and Tesla are currently building its new factory to build the Cybertruck.  He also discusses the importance of appreciating different time zones and the impact this may have on your business.

Ben explains his exporting journey, how he has received masses of free help and support from the DIT, working with Estelle and the benefits to his existing business as well as expanding his markets globally.

All of our panelists are happy to help, so please feel free to contact them........