Really happy to share this recording from the 4th in our series of webinars led by members for members - WEBINAR LINK

Jude Bolton, founder and director of Speaking Works, shares some really helpful advice and techniques to help you present with confidence and authority especially when you are leading or presenting on a video call.

Jude helps people of all ages to communicate better.  She comments, 'You wouldn't pick up an instrument without practising first so why are we all expected to be brilliant speakers?'  With an MA in Voice Studies (RCSSD), a diploma in speech and drama in education (LAMDA) and experience in corporate environments, she now provides public speaking workshops, bespoke corporate training and 1:1 coaching and classes for children.

Here are some of the tips she shares with us:

  • When you are distracted by your own image on the call - don't worry!   It is perfectly natural to find our own image distracting during a video call.  We are social beings and we, therefore, are always trying to improve our image to make ourselves more presentable to others.  To avoid distraction she recommends changing the settings on your video conferencing software so that you are not showing your video or, for the techno-phobes, just stick a post it note over it!  
  • Preparation is key so that you can be confident and relaxed and to ensure that you are armed against those old enemies, 'imposter syndrome' and 'fight and flight'.  Jude recommends stretching as preparation and getting yourself into the right 'head space' prior to starting the call.
  • Remember to breathe - not just shallow breathing that may result in making you feel 'light headed' but using 'calm breathing' techniques so that you can tap into your parasympathetic nervous system.  In other words,  breathe out for longer than you breathe in!
  • Ground yourself - feet firmly on the floor and concentrate on lengthening and widening your posture so that the tone of your voice is authoritative and you feel confident and in control........
These are just four of the really helpful tips in the video - sit back and relax for 40 minutes to learn more........

If you would like to learn more from Jude or would like to book a 1:1, here are her contact details:

Jude Bolton Founder and Director, Speaking Works 
07900 301 375
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