The design of Brad Neuberg’s blog, Coding in Paradise, has not stood the test of time, but the concept he defined in a 2005 post sure has. Having worked with Google and Dropbox among other major platforms, Neuberg introduced a new way to work in that August musing. “Do you work for yourself from home?” he wrote. “Do you miss community and structure?” Beginning as a grassroots movement to bring together lonely coders, he surely could not have imagined 14 years ago how ubiquitous ‘coworking‘ would be in 2019’s global landscape.

In 2005 one might not have imagined travel could so easily be a part of their daily lives, the meet-up Neuberg began to combat the isolation of the freelance lifestyle a multi-billion-dollar global phenomenon, but the ‘digital nomad’ lifestyle has exploded, and cities around the world are now brimming with forward-thinking spaces that reintroduce lonely freelancers to the office environment. Office 2.0 is now the norm, as global players like WeWork are transforming the working life landscape, and coworking spaces now need to pull out all the stops to compete. With culturally-considered amenities and beautiful design-led environments, here are some of the best looking cowork spaces from around the world …

Author: Lisa Davidson • 26 March, 2019




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