This month, our company of the month is a new member, who only joined us at the beginning of April, but as you can see from the photo...Has already settled in to the office and decorated it! And it looks great. 


We asked Stephen Barnes, Founder and Director of Bond. 

Why Freedom Works Stephen? 

Freedom Works..

Well, it certainly works for me! 

I'm delighted as a new start up to be awarded the accolade of Company Of the Month. 

Being involved in residential lettings and property management i am well versed in rent values and having sourced the Worthing area for quite a while it became apparent that there was nothing remotely close to match the facilities, style, look and location of the Mill Building. 

We are a professional, progressive, innovate, forward thinking company with a unique branding and marketing approach and delightfully Freedom Works mirrors design style and ethos of collaboration, building long term relationships with our clients, our customers and our working partners. 

In fact, i even chose the company name to reflect these values:

{bond} verb. To develop a close connection or strong relationship with someone.

{bond} noun. A close connection joining two or more people

Another great point about working at Freedom Works, apart from the 24/7 access i require, is to be surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurial spirits of the other co-workers here whom i have already found to be a great bunch to be around. 

Here's to our and yours continued success. 







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