Freedom Works is expanding quickly with our new spaces in Chichester & Crawley due to open soon
In preparation for expanding we are launching our four principles of co working that we want to introduce to all our existing & new members in our community. These highlight exactly what makes Freedom Works who we are and underpins what it means to be a member here..
  1. This is Your Work Home:  Respect the space and leave it as you find it. If you moved things around then return them to their original location and please tidy up after yourself.

  2. Contribute:  This is a co-working space so there is an expectation that you will collaborate where possible and be prepared to draw on the help and support of others whilst respecting their right to get their own work done.

  3. Tolerance & Respect:  Respect the people around you and embrace differences. One of the great things about co-working is it draws in a variety of people, enjoy and respect the difference.

  4. Build the Community:  Spread the word to like minded people.  

We hope that you will embrace our principles and continue to create and build the communities
within each space!

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