Recycling is on the increase in Brighton and Hove, councillors have heard.

During the first quarter of the financial year, recycling rates have increased to 30.4 per cent of household waste, its highest levels, councillors were told.

This is up from 29 per cent last year, which was an increase from the year before, but still lower than the national average of 44 per cent.

Assistant director of city environment Rachel Chasseaud announced the news when presenting to members of the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee on Tuesday 27 November.

She told the committee work is under way on an increasing recycling project and education campaign to launch early next year.

This will include a multi-media campaign telling people what they can recycle in the city, and how and where.

As there is no market for recycling pots, tubs and trays, the report states it is unlikely the council will extend its plastic recycling.

Mrs Chasseaud said the National Audit Office is looking into where plastics go when they are recycled.

She said the non-recyclable plastics are burnt at the incinerator in Newhaven, powering 22,000 homes.

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