One of our FW Worthing members, Craig Peters, attempted to break the world record for burpees in a day to raise money for a hospital that saved the life of his sons this month.

Craig Peters, from West Worthing, tried to complete over 9,000 chest-to-ground burpees in 24 hours at The Gym Hub in Worthing from April 18-19.

He managed to complete the 24 hours, but sadly couldn’t hit the 9,000-burpee target after months of gruelling training with a specialist personal trainer.

However, he has raised more than £1,500 so far to help the hospital that saved the lives of his two boys, Quinn and Jude.

Craig, 38, of Sherlock PR, said his family was “indebted” to staff after his wife Kyrie gave birth to the twins three months prematurely in 2014.

The boys suffered from twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, a condition that affects blood supply during pregnancy.

The condition has a high mortality rate, but neonatal nurses worked hard and now Quinn and Jude are happy and healthy five years later.

Craig, a freelance PR consultant, said: “Without the immediate care, love and attention displayed by the staff then perhaps our boys wouldn’t be here today.

“It was a life-changing period for our family, one that challenges you and shapes you as a person for the rest of your life.”

Here at Freedom Works, we were keen to support Craig in his brave attempt so we held a raffle for some Easter goodies which raised £90.  Our happy winners were James Harvey and Shane Pontet-Piccolomini of Bluestone B2B.

To read more of the article in the Argus, click  here

To make your contribution to the Portsmouth Hospital charity, follow this link

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