Communicating with a virtual audience - how to lead and avoid fatigue
Many of us struggle to communicate effectively at the best of times but with remote working and virtual meetings, there are new challenges to overcome.

This could be the perfect opportunity to explore your speaking habits and learn how to present yourself positively in online meetings.......

Jude Bolton, founder and director of Speaking Works helps people of all ages to communicate better. "You wouldn’t pick up an instrument without practising first so why are we all expected to be brilliant speakers?" comments Jude.  With an MA in Voice Studies (RCSSD), a diploma in speech and drama in education (LAMDA) and experience in corporate environments, she now provides public speaking workshops, bespoke corporate training and 1:1 coaching and classes for children.

Jude teaches a variety of speaking techniques, helping clients gain impact, clarity and manage anxiety.

By understanding the importance of the body and breath to communicate, you will leave this workshop with newfound confidence to lead meetings with ease whilst understanding how to avoid online burnout.  In this 45 minute workshop, Jude  will help you to..........

  • Present yourself positively and be able to lead meetings confidently
  • Understand the mind, body, voice connection
  • Learn how to avoid online video call fatigue and keep yourself energised
  • Gain awareness of countering your 'fight or flight' response
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Presenter - Jude Bolton, Speaking Works, [email protected].uk