Freedom works are excited to announce that we have teamed up with INKMILL for Branding and personalising your space.  "We want our members to make  their office space their home", is the reason that Freedom Works founder, Jon Trigg, explains.

Inkmill Vinyl are a vinyl graphic business based in Brighton with 15 years experience providing vinyl graphics and print for commercial and public spaces.  "Having meet Tom and Annie from Inkmill - they completely get how we can make our incoming members make their space, their home", Trigg explains.  Inkmill have delivered similar branding services for other co-working spaces in London.  "Members can customise their offices from as little as £40 to re-enforce their identity within the community", adds Trigg.

"The most productive offices balance the comforts of home with a professional business image", elaborates Trigg...and we want our members to benefit from this. At Freedom Works we believe a stylish setting full of colour, life and inspiration leads to a happy, healthy work environment for our members to thrive in.

According to design experts - Your office design ideas should embody your company’s values in a way that makes everyone at work feel great. You don’t want people walking into the office with a bad first impression because the office design needs a facelift.   "At Freedom Works we feel it is important that members can make it feel their home a protrude their brand essence" concludes Trigg 

Vinyl graphics can offer a versatile and non permanent solution to logos, signage, wall and window coverings, privacy frosting and wayfinding.


Using a vinyl decal as a logo or signage lends itself well to bold and intricate graphics and texts. Applied in monochrome, bright colours or even a metallic finish can give a clear bold message of where you are.
Vinyl decals provide a quick, clear and non permanent signage alternative to using paint or etchings. They are as easy to apply as they are to remove, should you need to update your area.
Logos and artwork can also be printed onto a clear static cling material, which has no adhesive allowing freedom of movement as you can apply, remove and reapply to your desire.  read more!

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